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The Boost Pack is the world’s first smart bag with fully-integrated power, capable of supplying 200 watts via two 110 volt AC ports and four USB ports. This smart bag packs a punch with a powerful 144 Wh battery, allowing users to charge multiple power-hungry devices simultaneously throughout your day, all while only weighing 4.2 pounds roughly the same as a standard laptop bag. The bag also features TSA complaint quick swap batteries, so you will always have power when you need it.

Box Includes: Boost Pack, Boost Pack Battery, Boost Pack wall charger


Grab a dock and extra batteries at a discount. Never wait for a recharge again.

Boost Pack Battery

Compatible with the Boost Pack System.

  • 200W Output Easy-Swap System
  • 140Wh Capacity @ 14.6 V (40,000mah Equivalence @ 3.7V - USB power bank standard voltage)
  • TSA Approved, UN38.3 Certified, UL 2056 tested and passed

Boost Battery Dock

Compatible with the BOOST Pack System.

  • 200W Output Easy-Swap System
  • 140Wh Capacity (40,000mah Equivalent)
  • TSA Approved and UN38.3 Certified

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Smart phones

  • Iphone 12 to 14 full charges
  • Android 7 to 14 full charges

Laptops / Tablets

  • Max size : Up to 17.3″”
  • Charger power: up to 200W ( can power most gaming laptops )
  • 2 Full Charges for Macbook ( 16 extra hours )
  • 4-5 Full Charges for Microsoft Surface Go ( 39 extra hours )


  • 2-3 full charges DJI Mavic Pro
  • 2 full charges for DJI Phantom


  • 15-20 full charges for Go-Pro Hero 8 (40 extra hours of filming)
  • 15 full charges for Canon Rebel T6


  • 6-8 full charges for Nintendo Switch (40 – 50 extra hours)
  • 3 hours of play for Game Cube with Mini projector


  • Studio Lights
  • Soldering iron
  • Projector ( 4-8 hours, depending on the model )
  • Mini fridge
  • The list gets too long!

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Customer Reviews

  1. Haley Myanis on

    Boost Pack is so good

    It never leaves my side. Needed something like this for a long time.

  2. Charlie T on

    Beyond Helpful!

    This is one of those ideas where you kick yourself for not thinking of it first. It just makes sense, I barely use wall outlets anymore lol. Bag is pretty solid quality as well, Lighter than I expected.

  3. Mark Busch on

    I'm Hooked

    Super helpful for charging my laptop and camera when I’m working in the Austin area. I get anxiety when I use my other bags now! Great product, works as advertised and super helpful.

  4. Andrew S on

    Great hiking bag!

    Best bag I’ve ever had, I use it every day. Bought the bag for a hiking trip I was going on going thinking the battery charging capable would be a great addition and boy was I right. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get a quality bag!

  5. Ellis Neuer on

    Gotta Get the Dock Too!

    I got it without the dock at first and ended up buying it. Being able to swap through batteries and not having to wait for a charge is definitely a nice upgrade, but I missed the bundle discount for ad-ons because I bought it later. Maybe the team can hook me up? lol