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The Boost Pack is the world’s first smart bag with fully-integrated power, capable of supplying 200 watts via two 110 volt AC ports and four quick charge USB ports. This smart bag packs a punch with a sizeable 140 Wh battery. This allows users to charge multiple power-hungry devices simultaneously throughout their day, all while only weighing 4.2 pounds (roughly the same as a standard laptop bag). The bag also features TSA compliant quick-swap batteries, so you will always have power when you need it.

Box Includes: Boost Pack, Boost Pack Battery, Boost Pack wall charger


Grab a dock and extra batteries at a discount. Never wait for a recharge again.

Boost Pack Battery

Compatible with the Boost Pack System.

  • 200W Output Easy-Swap System
  • 140Wh Capacity @ 14.6 V (40,000mah Equivalence @ 3.7V - USB power bank standard voltage)
  • TSA Approved, UN38.3 Certified, UL 2056 tested and passed

Boost Battery Dock

Compatible with the BOOST Pack System.

  • 200W Output Easy-Swap System
  • 140Wh Capacity (40,000mah Equivalent)
  • TSA Approved and UN38.3 Certified

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Smart phones

  • Iphone 12 to 14 full charges
  • Android 7 to 14 full charges

Laptops / Tablets

  • Max size : Up to 17.3″”
  • Charger power: up to 200W ( can power most gaming laptops )
  • 2 Full Charges for Macbook ( 16 extra hours )
  • 4-5 Full Charges for Microsoft Surface Go ( 39 extra hours )


  • 2-3 full charges DJI Mavic Pro
  • 2 full charges for DJI Phantom


  • 15-20 full charges for Go-Pro Hero 8 (40 extra hours of filming)
  • 15 full charges for Canon Rebel T6


  • 6-8 full charges for Nintendo Switch (40 – 50 extra hours)
  • 3 hours of play for Game cube with Mini projector


  • Studio Lights
  • Soldering iron
  • Projector ( 4-8 hours, depending on the model )
  • Mini fridge
  • The list gets too long!

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Customer Reviews

  1. Pierre on

    THE ONLY SERIOUS REAL BACKPACK with battery ecosystem on the market, period!

    I would say I’m totally irrational when it’s about backpacks. I always wanted to find THE backpack for every situation.
    For daily life, and for years, I was searching something high-tech and super cool, and super convenient, and not too sporty, and, and, …

    The freaking problem with Boost backpack is that I guess those guys read the mind of many people, including myself 😉

    That Boost backpack is just purely the best-ever backpack I bought. And at 55 years old, I can tell I bought a lot of backpack.

    I know many people want to justify their purchases and always found the bright side of what they buy.
    But this backpack is really the best mix of everything:
    – good city-style compact backpack, without the worries of looking like weird even if you wear formal suits
    – the finishing, materials, and even the zips are really far better than the best backpack brands on the market.
    – the two spaces are very convenient and large enough without being bulky
    – the battery and the amazing two power sockets (international plugs compatible) with the 4 USB type A are probably the most amazing addon I’ve seen in the backpack for a long.
    Why? just because it’s a real ecosystem and not just a mini battery pack you put in your bag.
    You have insane power, and you can literally plug many devices and really not just boost them for a couple of minutes longer but for real full battery recharge and even plug a real computer power charger.

    Guys, I have had this backpack for now for more than a year, and I have never ever wanted to change it.
    On the opposite, I’m going to buy another one to be sure to have two sets in case the brand discontinues the product.
    PS: I’m also an entrepreneur, so if one day you need funding to continue to develop your ideas, please let me know. You need to continue to develop the ONLY REAL backpack battery and charger on the market and more.

    Thank you veryyyyyyyyy much.

  2. Raheem Jones on


    This bag is lit! Was pretty nervous that this might just be a cheap tech product out of China that will break quickly but I messaged the team and found that they’re US-based. The peace of mind knowing that a US team had my back sealed the deal and I splurged on this bag. Haven’t looked back since, amazing product and is as advertised. Worth the $$$ for sure based on how much I use it, 5/5 review.

  3. Alex P on

    So helpful

    Absolutely love my Boost Pack. After using it daily for a few weeks I ended up getting the extra batteries and dock. Now I’m never without power.😁

  4. Lewis Drew on

    My New Favorite Bag

    By far the best bag I’ve ever owned. Very high quality materials, battery size keeps me charged up for days. My biggest concern before buying was the weight but I really don’t even notice there’s anything extra inside.

  5. Sam Willis on

    Best bag

    I love my bag, have ben using it non stop since it arrived a few months ago. Was definitely skeptical at first because of the higher price tag but man was I wrong. The Boost Pack has completely redefined the way I travel! I’ll never own another bag again.

  6. Kevin Alwits on

    Awesome Bag

    Everything about this bag is amazing! Can not recommend enough.

  7. William Michael on

    Greatest bag ever?

    I received my bag about a month ago and unfortunately do to covid i haven’t been able to leave my house much. The funny thing is i’ve still managed to use the bag everyday since It arrived. My kids are constantly stealing the phone and laptop chargers around the house it was inevitable I would spend at least an hour a week asking around only to find them in a jumbled up mess in the bottom of one of their school bags. Since the bag has arrived I have had no such issue. It has also been great to set up shop in different rooms around my house no having to rearrange my set up just plug my laptop in right before it dies. Absolutely love the Boost Pack

  8. Ryan B on

    Best Purchase

    This bag has more functionality than anything I’ve purchased in a while. Super high quality fabric with water proof zipper makes it great for camping and hiking. The battery capacity is unparalleled by anything else I’ve bought. Quick swap batteries might be the best thing ever invented. Nice work Boost Pack!

  9. Stewie Bridges on

    Very Fine Product Indeed

    Met all my expectations and more. The actual quality of the textile was marvelous. Definitely will recommend to friends.



  10. Johnson Wagner on


    Needed a new work bag and this was perfect! First time I’ve gotten a bag that does anything more than have pockets. Very Excited about the possibilities moving forward. This bag allows me to get creative with my days.

    – Johnson =D

  11. Denice R on

    Bought a bag to run my electric blanket

    I bought a bag for Christmas to run my electric blanket when I’m at the end of my dock reading. Works great and can last up to 3 hours on one charger. I love it.

  12. Kyle R on

    Great for travel

    Backed Boost Pack on Kickstarter a few months ago. The bag arrived just in time for my trip to Florida and completely made the trip. It not only had enough charge to keep my laptop and phone good to go for multiple days. I also brought a projector and game cube like they had done in the demo video on their KS page and it worked flawlessly. Could not recommend enough!

  13. Tyler McCabe on

    Best Product I've Ever Bought!

    Absolutely amazing bag! Honestly its even more than a bag because I wouldn’t have ever taken my old north face room to room in my house just to keep my phone, tablet, and laptop charged 😂. I Don’t know the last time I had to look for a charger since the bag has 4 USB ports built in I just leave my phone and tablet chargers plugged in. Furthermore, I haven’t looked for my laptop charger since its always in my bag which has 2 AC ports as well. Finally the wife and I had a nice movie night while using the bag to run a projector! Can’t recommend enough and can’t wait to take it on my next trip.

  14. Don J on

    Life Changing

    Wall Outlets are now obsolete. Thanks Boost Pack, worth every dime!

  15. Simon L on

    Very Satisfied Customer

    I am inseparable from my bag now, I depend on it to keep me charged while visiting clients. I’d be lost without it!!

  16. Matthew Tabor on

    Backpack stiching failed after 6 months

    I have owned the backpack for around 6 months, its good for travelling and keeping items charged, but the stiching has started to rip/fall apart inside the middle pocket and support has not returned my emails