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Sapphire Board 01

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Electric Skateboard with a weight-sensing control system and the “Ride Sapphire” mobile app to customize ride settings and preferences. Offered in single-motor (Lite) and dual-motor (Pro) versions.

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  • Built-in Weight Sensing Technology
  • 31″ Length
  • Remote-Free Riding
  • Remote-Capable Riding in app
  • Mobile App Customization – “Ride Sapphire” in App Store and Play Store
  • Dual (Pro) or Single (Lite) 500 Watt Hub Motor
  • Top Speed: 22 MPH (Pro), 18 MPH (Lite)
  • 10-14 Mile Range
  • 120 Min. Recharge Time
  • 25% Hill Grade Climbing (Pro), 16% Hill Grade Climbing (Lite)
  • 16 lb. (Pro), 13 lb. (Lite)
  • Regenerative Breaking
  • High-Strength Polymer Deck
  • 144 Wh Li-ion Airline Friendly Battery
  • 90 mm Wheels
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Smart Free-Wheel allows the user to kick-push the board, even when the board is on, rather than locking up the motors. This allows the user to kick-start the board, as well kicking to assist the motors.
  • Auto-brake stops the board if the user suddenly dismounts from the board.Designed for increased rider safety preventing run-away boards.
  • Calibration Mode – calibrate preferred riding stance for added control & sensitivity
  • Ride Adjustments – Fine tune each aspect of your riding experience: Top Speed, Acceleration, Braking, Sensitivity, etc.
  • Mobile App Control – On the “Ride Sapphire” Mobile app you can connect to your board,  track battery, change settings (at a very detailed level), calibrate your board, and much more!
  • Sapphire 01 Electric Board
  • Skate T Tool
  • 42V 2A Board Charger

Ride Sapphire App

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Customer Reviews

  1. Brad P on

    Great Beach Cruiser

    Super fun at the beach, me and my brother have been crushing it this summer. Grab an extra set of wheels because they are on the softer side if you have chunky pavement. Grip is good on the 90mm wheels but they do wear down.

  2. Devin Paglea on

    US-Based Customer Service is HUGE

    Great Customer Service, US based, simple and easy to work with. Busted sensor plate and they were able to help me get it replaced no problem.

  3. Syd J on

    Good Present for BF

    Bought it for my bf and I regret it because I can’t get him off of it!

  4. Kennedy S. on

    Nervous but fun!

    I was a bit nervous after trying another weight-based board that I didn’t like so much but what I found was a well thought out, enjoyable to ride product. The weight-sensing system JUST MAKES SENSE. Lean forward to go, lean back to brake, who’d have thought!

  5. Korryn on

    The Lite is Perfect for Me

    I bought a standard range lite, as I’m not a rider who need high performance and don’t like going over 12-15 mph. It’s perfect for me! I love riding it at my beach house to go to and from the beach and just to go on rides. Awesome product at a great price!

  6. Doug R on

    Great Birthday present

    Purchased a Lite in February for my son as a birthday present. After spending a couple days getting used to the weight sensing he got the hang of it. He’s been on the board ever since. We’ve also had to order a few replacement parts from wear and tear and sapphire customer service has been very helpful. Will be picking up a pro soon for myself!

  7. James Pugliese on

    Dope, Dope, annnd Dope

    Idk about everyone else but this was a product I was waiting for and Sapphire actually pulled it off! The most simple and practical E-board out there. I love the simplicity and light weight more than anything else. I just take it out give it a kick, lean, and I’m on my way. Couldn’t be happier with it! Just trying to talk my friends into purchasing now so we can do group rides!

  8. Benji Sachs on

    Awesome Christmas Present

    My parents got me this for Christmas and tbh I wanted a Boosted but I’m so glad they got me this instead. I love the weight-sensing and nothing feels better than hands free cruising in Florida!

  9. Jayden Dore on


    i am 240lb and the board works wonders i am still getting use to the sensors so i use my phone for a remote and it flys slows down a bit going up a good incline the board its awesome! i am never looking back…. my brother has a OneWheeler and the board was keeping up with him!

  10. Jon Wallace on

    Surprising Intuitive

    I bought the board first and foremost because of the performance metrics, given the price-point, and the compact and lightweight form factor (I often ride the subway). I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the weight-sensing mode. I was planning to use mostly the phone remote but now I exclusively use weight sensing mode on PRO mode settings. Convenient product that packs loads of fun! 5 Stars!

  11. Daniel williams on

    Sooo Much Fun!!

    Ride mine daily, can’t recommend enough!

  12. David C. on

    Best Product I've Ever Bought!

    This has go to be hands down the most fun I’ve had in years. The board takes a couple hours to get used to but once you do it feels like you’re surfing a never ending wave.

  13. Andrew Wade on

    So fun, such a unique yet satisfying ride

    Very Fun, Kind of scary BUT, very fun. It’s not scary if you dont push it but who can resist? lol

  14. Jamie on

    Awesome product

    I recently picked this up, (about 3 days ago) and i have enjoyed it alot. I like the remote free riding but i would personally prefer to have a controller. I know you can uset he app, but i would like to see a controller included (optional) so people have the choice. Otehr than that, its been great. If anyone knows if im able to get a controller for it (other than the app) please contact me @

  15. Wes on

    Fun and Solid Value

    I own a one-wheel but wanted something that was a little more convenient for getting to class while at Penn State. I was surprised how much I liked this remoteless system and it’s level of practicality. It’s ability to deliver serious power with a relatively light weight and comfortable carrying size was a HUGE plus. I gave it four stars and not five because it doesn’t offer off-road capabilities-I guess that’s what my One-wheel is for though =p. I’ll always be a bit of a One wheel fanboy but lugging that thing around was getting to be a bit too much.

  16. Your review is awaiting approval

    Don't buy...

    It broke (no longer powers on), about 30 days into ownership & the customer service email ignores all emails…