Sapphire Board Classic Lite Top View with ReomteSapphire Board Classic Lite Top View with Reomte
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Sapphire Board Classic

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Sold Out

Electric Skateboard controlled with a Bluetooth remote featuring four ride settings and an LED screen. Offered in single-motor (Lite) and dual-motor (Pro) versions.

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  • Remote Controlled throttle
  • 31″ Length
  • Dual (Pro) or Single (Lite) 500 Watt Hub Motors
  • Top Speed: 25 MPH (Pro), 20 MPH (Lite)
  • 10-14 Mile Range
  • 120 Min. Recharge Time
  • 25% Hill Grade Climbing (Pro), 16% Hill Grade Climbing (Lite),
  • 16 lb. (Pro), 13 lb. (Lite)
  • Regenerative Breaking
  • High-Strength Polymer Deck
  • 144 Wh Li-ion Airline-Friendly Battery
  • 90 mm Wheels
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Wheel-Based Throttle/Brake – allows for precision throttle and brake adjustments
  • Ride Setting – Select high, medium, or low on the slider to adjust rate of acceleration, braking, and top speed
  • Reverse – To switch the board to reverse mode, simply press the reverse button on the remote, press again to return to normal
  • Battery/Connection Lights – Receive live feedback on remote and board battery level, as well as connection strength between the board and remote
  • Cruise Control – have a straight-away and don’t want to worry about keeping speed? Set cruise control and focus on some perfect carves
  • Sapphire Classic Electric Board
  • Skate T Tool
  • 42V 2A Board Charger
  • Instruction Manual

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Customer Reviews

  1. Pd Pablo on

    Wish I had when I was 15!

    Love, love, love my board! Wish I had one when I was 14! Would’ve been so easy to get around before I had a car

  2. Miles T on

    Minnesota is Cold

    My friends and I got Sapphire lites over the past year. The worst part about winter in Minnesota is it’s usually too cold to ride. By far my favorite electronic

  3. Troy Boy on

    Troy Boy approves lol

    Alleviates the pain of trying to find parking at my college given the parking lots are always full. The classic is perfect for getting around. I hope in the future that come out with a swappable battery model though.

  4. Tommy C on

    Good for getting around places while traveling

    I bought this board as a nice run-around to pair with my plane. it’s super light and compact which makes it great for my little Cessna!

  5. Carlos DelG on

    feels great in warm weather

    I live right outside Miami and they’re perfect for commuting to the U for class

  6. River L on

    No issues at all love it

    The classic Pro is an all-around great Board. Easy to Ride, charges quick, I love it!

  7. Marcos J on

    lite is all you need if youre in a flat place

    it’s compact lightweight nature is perfect. The lite is fine for my hometown in Northwest Florida, its relatively flat, would say get the pro if youre on a mountain lol

  8. Nigel D on

    Stoked on Life

    Whenever I find myself scrolling through social media for too long I immediately jump on my Sapphire Classic and cruise for a good hour or so. helps clear the mind and gets me stoked on life.

  9. Jamal K on

    better with a friend!

    My buddy John and I purchased the boards about a year ago we ride at least once a week, weather permitting. It always helps to alleviate stress and put a smile on our faces.

  10. Perry T on


    I’m absolutely in love with my Sapphire Board it’s soo fun

  11. Riney P on

    Lite is capable enough but not loaded with power

    the user interface in the remote is great. while the lite definitely not the fastest board it’s a lightweight and compact size is perfect for what I needed and its capable enough that youre not left wanting. Love morning rides before work to wake me up!

  12. Brady H on

    Good for the U

    my parents got me the board for my 18th birthday when I went off to college. it’s absolutely perfect for getting around the campus. super light and portable unlike a lot of the other boards I had looked at

  13. Ryan Q on

    Original, not a copycat

    I’ve been a fan of Gaston gear for many years now I own a pro, a lite, and two bags. All their products are quality, and I can’t recommend the brand enough. It’s nice to see an Innovative brand in a world full of copycats.

  14. Devin27 on


    Affordable and fun, that’s what comes to mind when I think of my Sapphire. i love it so much I bought a pro too

  15. John sloannne on

    Needed help but was no problem, great board

    Received this board as a gift for my 16th birthday and after an issue with the battery, Gaston Gear was quick to send the replacement. I’ve been riding ever since with no issues.

  16. kevin thoms on


    I use this board daily to commute to work in Chicago definitely challenging in the winter but in spring and summer months. I can’t help but smile as I commute past all the traffic in the morning and afternoon

  17. Brent T on

    gnarly ride

    I’ve ridden quite a few different personal electronic vehicles and this one really stands out! Gaston gear took the time to make it right and you can tell in the design and the way that it rides. I can’t recommend enough

  18. Terrence R on

    sick boarddddd

    Sooooooo funnnnnn!

  19. Gerry t on

    practical and fun

    I received my board a few months ago and haven’t stopped riding since we have a place down in Naples and it’s the perfect board for getting around. way cooler than a scooter and way more practical than a bike

  20. Theo Y. on

    fun and fast

    This board is a no brainer purchase. fun, fast, and cool!

  21. Pedro E on


    The Sapphire Classic Lite is a no-brainer purchase. Fun, fast, and cool .

  22. Pavan S on

    Relieves my Stress

    I Purchased the board for myself a few years ago as something to do in between meetings and to relieve some stress in my life. It has been absolutely great!
    The sapphire classic lite is a no brainer purchase! fun fast and cool!

  23. Jonathan lewis on

    family fun

    I purchased the board for my 14 year old daughter a few months ago, she absolutely loves it so I decided to get myself a pro. Now we can ride together

  24. trevor y on

    College board

    What’s the top speed of 20-ish mph? Very good battery range and super light. the board is perfect for cruising around my local campus in Alabama. I’ve recommended it to a bunch of my fraternity members which is great because now we all ride together

  25. Paulina G on

    Really, really fun

    At the sapphire classic lite’s price point it really is a no-brainer, best purchase I’ve made in years

  26. Bill S on

    multiple purchases, still happy

    I’ve purchased multiple products over the years from Gaston gear and They’re always well-built and extremely useful oh, and did I mention fun?

  27. spencer troutman on

    Troutman Reviews

    Best electric skateboard money can buy, well built quality materials and has always puts a smile on my face when riding

  28. MIchael H on

    Solid quality

    Can’t believe I didn’t hear about this board earlier, last year I bought a cheap Chinese board thinking it would be what the Sapphire lite is, can’t recommend enough!

  29. Hector on

    awesome board

    Hands down the best purchase I’ve made in years absolutely love this board. The range and weight is perfect for commuting for me.

  30. Doug G on

    Sapphire Pro is awesome!

    Best electric skate board ever!

  31. Kevin Narberth on

    Been waiting for this to drop for a while

    A few of my friends have the 01 series but the balance based drive system just isn’t for me (guess I have old man knees lol). I’ve been asking the guys at Sapphire if they were planning a remote version and sure enough they came through! thing rides like a dream, single hub is plenty of power for where I live in Sarasota since it’s relatively flat.

  32. Stevie W on

    So Hype When This Dropped

    So FUN! A few of my friends have the 01 Series and I just prefer the standard remote so this was just what I needed. I prefer the shorter board lengths because they’re easier to bring around