Boost Pack User Manual

Boost PackBoost Pack

Boost Power Module

Boost Power Module Feature Image


  1. Universal AC Ports : 120V 60Hz
  2. High Output USB Ports 4X (2A output each)
  3. Charging Port (16.8V in)
  4. ON/OFF Switch
  5. Power Indicator
  6. Battery Charge Indicator



The capacity of our batteries are 144 wh. The maximum power output for the power module is 200W.

To conserve power, do not leave the power module turned on when not in use. The power module consumes small amounts of power when turned on.


To charge the bag, make sure the battery is installed and plugged into the bag (inside its mesh sleeve).

Then plug the barrel of the charger into the charging port (3) of the power module.

To check the status of the charge, turn on the ON/OFF (4) switch.

To view the charge state on the battery indicator (6).

The power module does not need to be switched on for charging to occur.


Though the bag includes features that help protect the bag against water damage, avoid contact with water to ensure that the electronics do not become damaged.

Avoid dropping the bag abruptly & on hard surfaces. Do not puncture or tear the fabric, as this will compromise the structure of the bag. Turn off the power and remove the battery when transporting the bag.