Board Maintenance Keep Your Sapphire Board Running Clean

Much like any other vehicle, the Sapphire Boards require regular maintenance in order to operate safely and with optimal performance. Be sure to frequently check that all your screws are tightened and your wheels still have tread. If your board needs a part replaced, check out our shop for any spare parts you may need and the videos below for help with installation. If you cannot figure out the issue with your board, please contact support in the form at the bottom of the page.


Maintenance Tips:

  • The screws on the sensor plate and trucks are "M5" type screws
  • If your board wont charge, please remove the sensor plate and be sure that your battery is fully plugged in
  • Avoid shocking your board. This includes, slamming, ramping , or jumping your Sapphire Board. This can cause damage to the structural integrity of your board
  • Do not expose your Sapphire Board to water, as it can damage the internal electronics
  • Do not continue to ride on cracked or worn wheels

Wheel Replacement

Battery Replacement

ESC Replacement

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