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Yes! We always recommend wearing closed-toe, flat shoes when riding any electric skateboard. This is in order to protect your toes while maximizing grip. When using the weight-sensing system on the 01 board series, always wear flat shoes for optimal sensor reading accuracy.

The max rider weight is 220 Lbs

Electric Skateboard (including battery inside), Bluetooth remote control, T-tool (including hex key inside), charger, instructions.

Electric Skateboard (including battery inside), T-tool (including hex key inside), charger, instructions.

Backpack (Inverter Power strip inside), battery, charger, instructions.

The Sapphire Pro, and Lite and Boost Packs all come with chargers. Docking stations and additional Boost Pack batteries do not come standard with a charger. 

All Gaston Gear products utilize batteries under TSA’s max-capacity limit (160 Wh). Please note, all batteries must be brought on with your carry-on luggage, never checked. Some airlines may exercise more strict guidelines and rules than the TSA. Always check with your Airline’s individual lithium-ion battery policy before bringing a Gaston Gear product onboard.

The Sapphire Pros are 18 lbs and the Sapphire Lites are 15 lbs

The Boost Packs weigh roughly 4 lbs depending on the model.

No, never use your Sapphire Boards in the rain or drive them through water accumulated on road ways.

Although the outside fabric has a splash-resistant coating to avoid damaging the bag and electronics contained within, it is not waterproof and should never intentionally be exposed to water.

Yes, but be aware that riding in colder temperatures can affect the performance of the board. A key point that will help in performance is to make sure the board is always being stored inside a temperature controlled environment, not left in uninsulated areas for extreme heat or cold. Keeping your board in the cold can cause damage to your tires, motors, and battery. Your board may act erratically if left in the cold for an extended period of time.  

Yes, as long as you are using the battery within the operating temperature of -20c to 60c. This will ensure optimal output while changing devices. 

For long term storage, make sure to charge any Gaston Gear batteries 30-50%. Store them in a dry place in a temperature controlled environment. Check monthly to ensure your battery remains between 30-50%.

You can leave all Gaston Gear products charging overnight without issue. In fact, it is healthy for the battery to be left on for an extended period of time (overnight, etc.) every couple of weeks to balance the battery’s charge. While all Gaston Gear batteries have a built in BMS they are not designed to be left plugged in indefinitely. 

“Sapphire Board Classic Series” boards are controlled and can have their ride settings adjusted via the bluetooth remote included in the packaging. “Sapphire Board 01 Series” boards can be controlled either by “weight-sensing mode” or an in-app remote found on the mobile app “Ride Sapphire.” On this app exclusively, you can adjust the “01 Series” boards’ ride settings and presets. 

Gaston Gears best in class customer service team is always ready to help with any problems that might arise. Feel free to reach out any time with questions or concerns. The best way to get in contact with our customer service team is to email Contact@gastongear.com