How To Ride

How to Ride Your Sapphire Board

Learning to ride an electric skateboard might seem like a scary task initially, however after a day or two of practice, you'll find the mechanisms surprisingly intuitive and your body will learn how to react and brace to the sudden changes in momentum. Remember to take it slow as you learn the motions and always adjust power, brake, and top speed settings to a level that matches your skillset. Have fun!

Riding Tips

  • It is always best to wear flat shoes (think of skateboard shoe brands) when riding electric skateboards. This is because they provide maximum surface area for grip. It is even more helpful when riding an "01" board as it will improve the reading of the sensors
  • Before riding your board, always make sure your settings are correct for your skill level and road conditions. For 01 users, calibrate your board on the Ride Sapphire app before riding to be sure that your board's sensors are reading accurately. Tip: You can restore the sensor calibrations to factory default sensor settings by calibrating it (press "calibrate" and "confirm") while no one is standing on top.
  • Always start on the slowest speed and acceleration settings and move up as you become comfortable
  • It is best to learn how to ride on smooth, flat, paved surfaces with little to no traffic
  • If you're experiencing app issues, please be that you have downloaded the latest version and have Bluetooth turned on
  • Always wear a helmet!